This badass TikToker proves that model doesn’t suggest dimension

We are constantly inundated with images of thin bodies in the media, and it can be easy to believe that clothes only look good on smaller frames. And body negativity is not only found on Instagram or fashion shows – it is widespread in everyday life. I have received abusive body comments more than once and each time I feel anxious and insecure. However, I know deep down that this negative dialogue is not actually ingrained. It goes without saying that bodies of any size can look fashionable, and this is exactly the message that TikTok user @jaimmykoroma communicates on a regular basis.

For the uninitiated, Koroma is the art director and advocate of body acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love. Her TikTok account is full of epic body-positive and food-positive content that encourages anyone who scrolls through their profile to celebrate their body, say “no” to unhealthy diets, and be satisfied with who they are. To accompany her followers on their journey to self-acceptance, Koroma shares her own weight loss journey in which, despite the spread of nutritional culture in society, she shed unnecessary pounds and assumed her natural size.

While I love all of Koroma’s content, I have one favorite series. It’s called “Things I’ll Wear When I’m Thin” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. In the videos, she shares how thousands of Pinterest boards with that title actually exist, and then recreates the look of her own body to show that you don’t have to lose weight to look amazing. How great is that ?!

As someone struggling with the idea that I can only wear certain clothes when I’m thinner, lighter, or more daring, I never get tired of hearing this message. Having recently gained weight during the coronavirus pandemic, I admittedly felt uncomfortable wearing shorts, crop tops, and other more revealing pieces, so Koromas TikToks couldn’t have landed at a better time for me. If you have similar body problems (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t occasionally criticize themselves?), I encourage you to scroll through the TikToks below and remember that all people and all bodies are in (and out of) fashionable and are beautiful from) clothes.

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