This 60 second hack to getting your face masks in higher form goes viral on TikTok

This 60 second hack to getting your face mask in better shape is going viral on TikTok

Celebs like Kristen Bell use this trick.

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July 16, 2020

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Wearing a mask in public is basically (or at least it should be) the norm these days. But let’s face it, surgical masks aren’t perfect. Namely, they can have a loose fit and allow potentially infected particles to get to your nose and mouth.

Well, dentist Dr. Olivia Cuid has a problem with making surgical masks fit better over your face and it’s awesome. (BTW: This can also work for cloth face masks.)

Cuid shared the hack in a TikTok that already had 395,000 views. With a surgical-style mask, “the sides of your face stay very outward,” says Cuid. So she recommends this trick:

  • Fold your mask in half
  • Tie a knot with the ear loops on each side as close to the mask as possible
  • Open your mask
  • There is a small opening on the sides next to the ear loop. So tuck these under the ear loops on each side
  • Wear your (better fitting) mask

“In the absence of N95, this could be a good alternative,” says Cuid, showing how well the mask fits on her face.

People were reluctant to comment. “Wait, this is so helpful, thanks for sharing !!” one wrote. “What a smart idea,” said another. “Me and my pea head, thank you!” someone else interfered.

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Cuid’s TikTok is already making the rounds. Katie Couric shared it on Instagram and Kristen Bell reposted it too.

BRB: I have to work on some masks …

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