Think about us mesmerized by the charming marble print on Lexi Underwood’s one-piece

Lexi Underwood sends the summer away in a breathtaking way. To soak up the last few weeks of warmer weather, Lexi enjoyed the time in Tulum, which included an adventure in a sea cave. Can you say dreamily For the excursion Sneakerella The actress wore a good American one-piece that fits right on our mood board at the end of the season.

Swirl swimsuit is all the rage this year (as celebs like Lana Condor and Sydney Sweeney prove), and Lexi’s look is no exception. The brown marble print looks flawless in this temple style with the trendy 90s high-cut leg. If you’re interested in getting Lexi’s exact $ 109 suit (or similar look), read on – and enjoy shopping.

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