These eight Korean trend manufacturers have their fingers on the subsequent steps

It may sound repetitive at this point, but Korean fashion deserves so much more attention. While Seoul is not yet cemented as a true member of the big four like Paris, London, Milan and New York, the influx of talent emerging in the city certainly speaks for its inclusion. What sets Korean fashion apart as its own brand with a unique taste in fashion is its propensity for experimentation and the unconventional. While there is no shortage of Korean brands that stick to the classic aesthetic and do it well, the latest emerging stars that are grabbing the industry’s attention each have their own unique twist.

Thanks in part to retailers like W Concept, Net-a-Porter and MatchesFashion, the creativity of the South Korean design community has reached the world. Today we bring you eight Korean fashion labels to put on your radar – especially if you enjoy the thrill of discovering new cool brands to shop for. If you claim to be knowledgeable in this industry, they should be familiarized with.

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