These blankets are as trendy as they’re snug

For most of us fashion fanatics, our love doesn’t stop with our clothes, shoes, and accessories. No, that also applies to our surroundings. From lamps to furniture to table decorations, our homes are an extension of our fashion taste. And at this time of year we are looking for the best blankets that manage to combine form and function.

Throwing blankets can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Or maybe just a way to stay warm when you’re not tucked under your plush blanket. But the best blankets will keep you cozy and add something to your decor.

If you’re an artistic type there are abstract options, geometric designs, and even impressionism. Brands like Valentino, Missoni, and Acne Studios also have home lines so you can show off your designer taste. Can’t afford or even find Bottega Veneta’s fringed coat? Zara has a ceiling version.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the best ceilings to make your house feel right at home.

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