These are the good fall denim items you’ll ever purchase and you’ll’t inform us in any other case

Basically, we all know how the standard fall wardrobe works: a cardigan here, a knit sweater there, a shearling-lined jacket if you really feel it, and probably more denim than you’ve been wearing for the better half of the year. And denim, basically, isn’t exactly the most exciting. But listen to us – what if fall denim didn’t just mean your trusty straight leg jeans or that one oversized denim jacket? What if instead it was unpredictable, undeniably fun, and maybe even a little bit risky? The verdict of the season is: The best denim pieces for shopping are those that take center stage in your outfit and don’t blend in like a basic wardrobe.

In case you’re wondering, the fun doesn’t stop with jeans. Lately, designers like Sami Miro Vintage have been enjoying experimenting with denim bustier silhouettes, while others like Retrofete have all but reinvented the denim dress. If you’re not sure how to spot this denim piece, remember that the details matter – look for puff sleeves versus cap sleeves, colored jeans versus standard blue (or a brightly colored acid wash for the Brave), and it doesn’t get any better than prints and embroidery. In addition, with nostalgia in the air, we can’t do without giving an honorable mention to low-rise jeans and denim skirts.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting update to everyday denim style or want to know how far you can take textile into nightlife, a number of fashion brands have you covered. Just a quick warning – after clicking through the 16 styles below, you will never see denim like this again.

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