These are the denims I’ve lived in for two years

Imagine finding the perfect pair of jeans and falling in love for the rest of your life? That’s me when I discovered these Agolde Pinch Waist High Rise Kick Jeans ($ 178) two years ago. Yeah, I’m dramatic because I’ve been looking for the one for months and when I slipped into those Agolde jeans it was literally love at first sight.

I could tell right away that they were high quality.

I could tell right away that they were high quality. The non-stretchy denim and waist buttons add some structure without restricting my movements, and the fabric doesn’t itch or fade over time. From the high-waisted fit to the ankle length, everything is stylishly designed. I have since purchased many other pairs from Agolde and I haven’t felt the need to experiment with any more brands. I prefer to wear them with a fitted, square-necked top and open toe mules, but they look just as good with chunky loafers and a vintage T-shirt.

Previously, finding my dreamy, effortlessly cool jeans involved a series of disappointing shopping trips, visits to the tailor’s shop, or funny episodes with clothespins hidden under my shirts. As someone with a small waist, the most difficult thing to nail is the fit. I thought I would have to start making my pants to measure, but that would mean having a serious budget. So the search went on until I saw an ad on Agolde that set a new standard for advanced denim and became intrigued. The Los Angeles-based brand creates the most relaxed and stylish denim pieces that instantly instill a sense of cool. Slip into one of the music inspired couples and you might feel some of that retro magic.

Read on to find your denim soulmate.

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