These are the coin chains which can be nicely value spending your hard-earned on

Let’s face it: there are a lot of necklaces out there. From chunky chains to swinging pendants, there’s a reason layering has become so popular. Our last obsession? Why coin chains of course?

We have Versace to thank for bringing this type of jewelry to the fore. After all, the brand’s Medusa lockets have become iconic. The Italian fashion house is far from the only label offering serious coin options, however. Often at lower prices.

If you think that all coin chains are the same, you are mistaken. There are all sorts of variations on the trend. As with Lariat versions, pearl accents and different sized links are put together on the same chain. You can also buy sets that make layering easier. (In other words, no prior knowledge of Instagram influencers is required.)

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the best coin chains guaranteed to enhance an ensemble’s stake.

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