These are probably the most comfy slippers I’ve worn and I give them to everybody I do know

My aim is to be comfortable and one of my comfortable must-have items is of course fluffy slippers. My favorite pair are the Mayberry slippers from EMU Australia ($ 60) and people keep asking me about them. My answer is that they are plush, comfortable, and worth every penny.

I have to admit, I’ve spent over $ 100 on similar options in the past. But this is by far the best choice for so much less. After trying my first pair years ago, I kept buying them new. I even buy them for my family every holiday season because who doesn’t love a fresh couple? So if you’re ready to get cozy this year or treat someone on your vacation shopping list, what are you waiting for ?! These soft slippers are available in tons of fun colors and variations. You can all shop in front of you.

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