These 23 merchandise went viral on TikTok this 12 months, and so they’re well worth the hype


It’s no secret that in the past few years, TikTok has emerged as the top social media app for discovering trends and easily finding enjoyable content. I hate to admit it, but the app even influenced the way I speak. (When visiting Who What Wear’s offices, you will hear various TikTok sounds casually used in conversation.)

It has also drastically changed the way people shop, as the algorithm gives everyone – not just those with a large number of followers – a place on the For You page to share their product recommendations. Stores have even started putting TikTok sections together so customers can easily find viral products while shopping.

The performance of the app is real, and there are many product gems that made it into the app this year. Some we already love here at Who What Wear and made it into the masses quickly, and some were even new and still fascinated us editors. Hundreds of products went viral using TikTok’s algorithm in 2021, but below I’ve rounded up the 25 that are worth the hype.

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