These $ 155 pants appear like $ 1K leather-based pants, and we now have proof


Real lederhosen are great and all, but we firmly believe that if you can find something that looks like the real thing but costs a lot less and is even more comfortable, why spend more than you have to? In this case we mean pants from our direct-to-consumer label Who What Wear Collection of the same name.

The trousers are the Eli Relaxed Vegan-Leather Trousers and have quickly become a surefire hit with our employees, customers and influencers. Betsy, one of our lovable Who What Wear employees, recently shared with the brand’s creative director, Kat Collings, that our vegan leather items “could be the top of the WWWC so far,” adding that they are buttery, they fit well and they look expensive. We will take it.

Scroll to see for yourself how buttery and expensive they look, then shop for all of the vegan leather pieces from the Who What Wear Collection (we made a skirt too!).

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