These 11 white sneakers are all we need to put on this 12 months

Trends come and go, but there are a few staples in our closets that we keep coming back to. We rely on great jeans, a classic T-shirt and white sneakers. They look good with any outfit – we like to wear them to the office, on the weekend or to go out. Combined with white sneakers, every look feels a lot cooler and we love them all year round.

These 11 white sneakers are everything we could want in our closet. Some are classic, some are elegant, and others are trending, but they are all super versatile and cute. Whether you’re looking for an all white pair or one with a touch of color, we’ve got you covered. After you’ve bought these, your next purchase should be a Magic Eraser so you can keep your white shoes squeaky clean no matter where they take you. Just read on to shop our selection!

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