These 10 Amazon thongs will make your legs look quite a bit longer

In the past few years we’ve shared a number of Amazon-focused stories, from the $ 20 article that’ll change the way you pack, to the “miracle” socks that heal blisters, to the fashion items we buy and the items a celebrity stylist always scores with the retailer. We’ve also shared a handful of controversial lingerie trends that have blossomed lately, including the one that made me strangely happier, “keyhole” lingerie, expert insights into the next big lingerie trends, and the thong pieces in the Underwear and bikini department. Today we’re bringing the two topics together and bringing you the best-rated strings on Amazon.

It is thanks to loud Amazon shoppers that we owe you the best-rated leggings, the T-shirt with the highest customer ratings and the best-selling jeans in the global shopping destination. We hopped over to the ratings section again to reveal what the reviews are saying about the top 10 high-rise thong. Check out what brands and styles have been added to the list below, and update your underwear drawer along the way.

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