There is a new strategy to watch Sky TV and Netflix at residence and you possibly can save over $ 450

Full-fiber company Gigaclear, which specializes in delivering next-generation Internet speeds in rural areas, has entered into a “special partnership” with popular television operator Sky to offer its exclusive to customers who pay for its super-fast 300Mbps broadband package Offering channels. This combines both your home internet and TV into a single monthly bill, but also offers a discounted price.

According to the broadband-oriented blog ISPreview, Gigaclear customers can get their hands on Sky TV channels at a discount – saving around £ 26 per month compared to buying them separately. The Sky TV package includes access to 340 channels and a Netflix subscription.

Sky Q, the satellite TV company’s newest set-top box, includes a Netflix app. When you search for movies and series in the Sky Q menu, you’ll see results from both Sky channels, Sky Store and Netflix. The same is possible with Disney +, but Gigaclear customers will have to pay extra to add this to their subscription.

New broadband subscribers looking to improve their ad – especially useful as millions of us spend more time at home before Christmas – pay a total of £ 59 per month for the minimum contract period of 18 months. If you do not cancel after the contract ends, you will be charged £ 85 per month. As usual, Sky TV has a one-time setup fee of £ 20.

Broadband customers who want a stress-free switch will have to wait TWO years

In addition to the Sky Q-Box, the voice remote control, the Netflix subscription and the satellite dish (unless you live in a block of flats with a shared dish), you are also equipped with the fast 300 Mbit / s service from Gigaclear. This includes unlimited downloads (so you don’t have to worry about unexpectedly high bills if you download box sets in Ultra HD on Sky Q while locked), as well as a Smart Mesh WiFi kit to make sure your house has no corners without it Broadband access there.

For comparison, the average UK household broadband speed reported earlier this year was 64 Mbps. So 300Mbps should be more than enough to keep up with video calling, streaming series, downloading updates to your phone, backing up photos online, and playing online multiplayer games.

The offer price is only valid for those who order between now and December 18, 2020. So if you want to get Sky TV and super fast fiber optic broadband for the next 18 months at this reduced price, you should add this package to your online shopping cart sooner rather than later.

Use the promo code TEAMTV during the ordering process. Both Sky TV and Gigaclear installations are planned separately. So you need to make sure that both engineers are available during the setup. Although you can pick a time and date that fits, the broadband needs to be installed first as Sky Q relies on an internet connection to deliver on-demand content like Sky Boxsets and Netflix.

Gigaclear is currently available in around 130,000 locations across England, although it is aiming for fairly rapid growth. 500,000 rural plots are to be reached by 2023.

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