There is a new iPhone replace, and that is an important one in months

There’s an amazing update waiting for you in the Settings app on your iPhone that really shouldn’t be ignored. Unfortunately, iOS 14.4 isn’t packed with exciting new features, emoji, or redesigns of your favorite apps. Instead, the new software contains the update for three critical security holes that are currently likely to be used by hackers.

Yes, hackers are already well aware of these vulnerabilities and can now use them to compromise your iPhone, steal your personal information, including logins for websites and banking apps. Since no one is sure until they update to iOS 14.4, Apple is silent about the exact details of the exploits.

Instead, the Cupertino-based company only states that they “may have been actively exploited”. These vulnerabilities relate to the operating system kernel code and the Safari WebKit engine. This suggests that if you visit malicious websites that are supposed to take advantage of these errors, hackers can raise their level of authority to become an administrator on your iPhone.

Apple has confirmed it will release more details about the vulnerabilities soon, but has not provided a timeline. We’d bet we wouldn’t know exactly how hackers were able to attack your iPhone until the vast majority of owners are running iOS 14.4 securely.

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If you haven’t already, go to Settings> General> Software update to download the latest version of the mobile operating system to your device.

In addition to the important security updates, iOS 14.4 includes some nice improvements. First, Apple has improved the camera’s ability to recognize QR codes – even those that are on the small side. With restaurants, delivery services, bars, and track and trace systems increasingly relying on these square codes to send us to URLs, this is a very welcome improvement.

There is also a bug fix for iPhone owners experiencing delays while typing on the onscreen keyboard, which iPhone 12 owners have complained about since the handset launched. iOS 14.4 adds an option in the Settings menu that allows third-party devices connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth to be designated as an “Audio” product. Apple identifies some products, such as B. his own AirPods and Beats, automatically with this label, but not with a third-party kit.

By adding the label manually, your iPhone can measure the audio levels from your headphones so that you can be notified when you hear something at a volume that can damage your hearing over time.

In addition to iOS 14.4, Apple has also introduced new operating system updates for its iPad and Apple Watch.

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