The whopping new Photoshop replace ought to make repairing your trip photographs loads simpler

Photoshop has been the gold standard in image editing for more than two decades. While it was originally designed for graphic designers and photographers, it’s getting easier for hobbyists to use too – meaning it’s easier than ever to make your Instagram feed look really professional.

The developer Adobe is taking another step towards simpler operation of Photoshop and is adding several “very popular” new tools to the iPad version of the app, which was first introduced in 2019. They’ll be a welcome addition for fans of the iPad version, which costs the same as a desktop subscription (£ 9.99 per month), although it has fewer features.

You can use the repair brush to precisely correct small parts of the image such as scratches or blemishes. Pimples, wrinkles and red eyes can be eliminated with just a few clicks. It was a mainstay of the desktop app for enhancing awkward family photos, but it’s now coming to the iPad too. You can sample and retouch with your Apple Pencil, making it a breeze to use.

Adobe said, “As expected, the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled pixels are seamlessly matched – and new pixels blend into the rest of the image so you can retouch your images with precision.”

Another feature for the iPad is Magic Wand, which makes it easy to choose. It enables you to select areas of the same color in an image with one click. It’s useful for removing backgrounds or grabbing certain objects. It combines existing tools like Select Subject and Refine Edge that use AI to select objects with just one click.

The desktop version is also getting an update today.

Sky Replacement is essential for fixing pictures that just didn’t have Instagram-worthy blue skies. The automatic tool has been upgraded with even more sky options such as night scenes, fireworks and sunsets. You can download up to 5,000 at once using the “Get More Skies” option.

“We’re bringing you the moon and stars … literally!” Said Pam Clark, Adobe Product Manager.

Finally, Canvas Projection is a brand new feature that brings what you’re working on to a bigger screen via an HDMI or USB-C port.

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Do you need additional help familiarizing yourself with the new tools and features? A new Discover panel helps you find content within the desktop app with Command + F (macOS) or Ctrl + F (Windows). There are also some new tutorials under the Discover panel to help you learn new skills.

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