The White Lotus: Store Olivias and Paulas Thrifted, “seemingly nonchalant” BFF model

First thing you’ll do when you watch HBOs The white lotus is a vacation at Season One Resort (which is actually in Maui, BTW). But we wouldn’t be surprised if you researched directly the cast of the miniseries and their relaxed screen style, curated by costume designer Alex Bovaird who assisted with the work The perks of Being a Wallflower.

Bovaird wanted a Gen Z friendly wardrobe for Olivia (Sydney Sweeney of euphoria) and Paula (Brittany O’Grady). “I purposely styled them similar to what young friends would – often twins in the beginning,” she explained to POPSUGAR. “Gen-Zers are more inclined to skimp on clothes than previous generations and put things together in seemingly casual but thoughtful fashion,” she said, confirming that she was generally vintage shopping with a small mall and a high street, Sweeney and O’Grady who both really loved the looks that helped them develop character.

“They look more prominent later on in the series as it becomes apparent that Paula isn’t quite there,” Alex teased anyone who hasn’t finished all six episodes. But no matter how their vibes shift in different directions, you will definitely want outfit details from the perfectly coordinated beachwear of the two girls – even if you are not packing your suitcase for the vacation so quickly. Click through for more style notes on Olivia and Paula direct from Alex, then shop for some of the exact designs featured on the Sweeney and O’Grady show.

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