The Tiny Good Issues Map: Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen put on Levi’s, Vans, Madewell and extra

Actors Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen play Margaret and Mark in The map of tiny perfect things, an Amazon original film directed by Ian Samuels. Absolutely worth seeing if you love a romantic but somewhat far-fetched comedy (think about it Palm Springs for teenagers) and a down-to-earth on-screen wardrobe that is incredibly easy to recreate. Costume designer Abby O’Sullivan really took inspiration from iconic themes: “So much from me and Ian [Samuels]The inspiration came from movies and characters from our childhood like Say something, Back to the Future, and Ferris turns bluewhich in my opinion gives it a real vintage feel. We had to combine this mood with a contemporary script with a lot of double images. Although the look is vintage-inspired, the majority of it was created through aging, dyeing, sanding and regrooving, “Abby shared with POPSUGAR.

Although at first glance you’ll probably think Margaret and Mark dress the same, Abby used unique little outfit details that match her personality, and Kathryn and Kyle were definitely involved. “Collaboration is key to actors. I find that having strong graphics sets a great tone for you and the cast. By developing specific backstories with each actor, you expand and build on what is on the page … it’s a dance of hold on to your vision with the director and work with your actors to create a unique character. I think we really got that off here with Mark and Margaret, “Abby said of the costume design process, in which Kathryn (from Big little lies, Freaky, and Lady Bird) is well versed.

Up front, Abby disassembles every single element of the looks she created for Margaret and Mark and points out certain references that you may overlook while watching the movie. Scroll through the list to learn some fashion facts, and don’t forget to shop for some of the standout, affordable pieces that Margaret and Mark would consider essential.

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