The superb Google Nest trick will prevent from having poor cellphone battery life

When you own a Google Nest smart speaker and Android smartphone, there’s no excuse for ever leaving home without a full battery. This is due to a little-known feature built into the Google Assistant-enabled speakers and smart displays.

If you use the same Google Account on both your Android smartphone or tablet and your Google Nest smart speaker or display, you can use the Google Assistant to manage battery life remotely. To check the current battery level of your phone, simply go to the Google Assistant with the activation phrase “OK, Google” or “Hey Google” and ask: “What is the battery level of my phone?” to your Google Nest.

The smart speaker – or another smart home kit equipped with the Google Assistant – will respond with the percentage remaining. This is pretty useful as your smartphone may be charging in the other room and you’re not sure if there’s enough time plugged into the wall, or if it’s on the first floor and you don’t feel like wandering downstairs if this is the case is not the case need to be charged urgently.

With Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar easily accessible from a laptop or tablet, you don’t have to always have your smartphone in your pocket to reply to friends or get things done.

You can also ask the Google Assistant to proactively warn you when the battery life reaches a critical point – “Hey Google, tell me if my phone’s battery is low” – using the assistant routines feature. This action is fully customizable so you can set your own battery level, below which the assistant will warn you about the remaining battery in your phone.

Using assistant routines included in the Google Home companion app for smartphones and tablets, you can incorporate them into the Good Morning routine, which will keep you updated on the weather, upcoming reminders, and the latest headlines of the day First of all, good morning to your Nest Smart Speaker or Nest Hub.

So the Google Assistant lets you know if your smartphone needs to be charged before you head off in the morning – just like you know when to pack an umbrella. While Amazon Echo owners know the weather conditions outside well, they could be desperate for a plug as this competing smart speaker doesn’t yet support battery checking.

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