The style crowd has spoken: these are the perfect designer sandals price shopping for from an ATM

I know everyone told you it was sneaker season, but let’s take a moment to move on to our favorite summer style theme: sandals. The season hasn’t even officially started yet, but we’re already immersed in a deluge of the chicest sandals in the area. Since the weather allowed us to expose our feet, we’ve seen the resurgence of classic styles as well as some ubiquitous shoe trends that needed to be warmed up a bit (keyword parade of thong sandals). Overall, the currently most popular designer sandals are the ones that meet all of today’s major stylistic elements – 90s-inspired minimal straps, ultra-saturated hues, and heeled mules – and prove that nothing excites fashion audiences like a good shoe trend.

With a few weeks ahead of the days at the pool and the searing temperatures, we already have a pretty good idea of ​​which designer sandals will define 2021. In advance, we will highlight the specific styles that are no doubt the most popular. From flats approved by podiatrists to vengeance heels that gasp, these are the sought-after pairs the fashion crowd can’t stop wearing.

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