The story behind Gal Gadot’s long-legged white “goddess costume” in Surprise Girl 1984

If you’ve already seen Wonder Woman 1984I don’t have to say much more than the words “the dress” to let you know what scene I’m talking about. Gal Gadot wears the ivory-colored silk number as the always self-confident Diana Prince in the film, for the moment she is united with love interest Steve Trevor. You want to know right away where this leggy look came from, and costume designer Lindy Hemming (who is also behind films like The dark knight and Casino royale) confirms that it’s not just something you can pick up in stores. Hemming describes it in an interview for the “goddess dress”

“We explored so many evening dresses – none of the metallic ones of the time seemed right [Gal Gadot’s] Character. They seemed too on the nose. I was referring to Chanel, Calvin Klein and Claude Montana to create such a classic American look. I created this shirt and wrap skirt costume with a really clever cutter, Ian Frazer Wallace, from a really heavy double silk crepe. We wanted something so that her legs could get through. She has the most amazing legs anyway and I knew she would walk that long pond in Washington [the National Mall]. It seemed like white set you apart from everyone else. She would look like a goddess, and she’s a goddess in some ways. We called it the 1980s goddess look. Tiffany cuff, “Hemming explained the momentous moment.

So there you have it – it’s not just a top and skirt, it’s a full-length piece, but it’s also inspired by some really iconic fashion houses, which explains its incredible elegance. Gadot rocks the maxi with taupe heels that don’t affect the rest of the ensemble, along with a dark lip. Scroll down to see more stills from the famous white dress moment, then shop for some similar styles we’ve found many – many at an affordable price – when you have that jewel of the goddess in your own Missing cloakroom.

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