The story behind Dua Lipa’s costume in “Demeanor” makes the golden corset much more luxurious

Dua Lipa has been working with stylist Lorenzo Posocco for quite some time and he is behind many of her performance outfits, street style and red carpet looks. But we can’t say we were prepared for the stunning, 18th-century-inspired couture look that came with her appearance in Pop Smoke’s video for “Demeanor.”

Lorenzo obtained this gold-plated corset with bows on the bustier and metal threads on the sleeves from the archives of Jean Paul Gaultier. The design was first introduced on the 1998 Spring / Summer catwalk during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, but it goes right with Dua’s full ballroom skirt and compliments her stunning VRAM jewels so perfectly here. Dua and Lorenzo both shared behind-the-scenes footage of the set, celebrating the fashion moment that closed 23 years later.

See the piece by Jean Paul Gaultier in its original form on the catwalk, then watch Dua bring it to life with her dance moves.

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