The right way to Plan the Good Proposal: Questions and Solutions about Engagement with the Ring Whisperer

How do I find out my partner’s ring size?

Ok, get ready for all of the tips – there are plenty of them!

If your partner knows that at some point you will make him a proposal, I would just order one Ring size online. As soon as it arrives, sit down with a bottle of wine, present them the ring size and say, “Just in case, for the future …”. It can be a flirtatious, fun, and exciting moment.

Then let her try it on when she brushes her teeth the next morning or right after a shower so you can double check her size if her fingers sway. Have fun with it and turn it into a little game! She will love it i promise

I also do free online ring size estimates! Just send me pictures where I can see his / her hands, tell me their height, shoe size and whether they are left handed or right handed. It sounds strange, but it’s a special power of mine. (We told you – ring assistant).

One thing I wouldn’t recommend is taking a couple of their rings to a jeweler. All of our fingers are different sizes and vary between hands. So if you can’t find a ring she already wears on her ring finger, her other rings won’t be of much help.

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