The right way to get a crown on TikTok

TikTok has flourished in the US, where its monthly active user numbers are currently threatening Facebook and Twitter. The social media platform launched almost five years ago in September 2016, but didn’t explode into the mainstream until recently. Most of its 689 million monthly user base remains in the US, and to spread it around the world it has introduced a new feature; Crown.

How do you get a crown on TikTok?

Some people may have recently discovered profile pictures adorned with a gold crown.

The new feature has confused many people, both content creators and users.

But there is a simple explanation for the new jewelry and an easy way for people to get their own.

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In short, according to TikTok staff, only celebrities, public figures, brands, and publishers are verified.

Verified badges indicate that someone authentically has an account, according to the platform’s newsroom.

Only the most notable users, like celebrities or popular content creators, can get one.

Verified TikTokers need a large following, with high quality and widely distributed videos or without that pre-existing celebrity.

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