The principle WhatsApp replace is nearing a launch, however it comprises a warning

It has been rumored for months, but now WhatsApp seems one step closer to releasing a big change to its hugely popular chat app. As the always reliable team at WAbetainfo found, WhatsApp is now officially testing the ability to make pictures and videos self-destructive. This feature, very similar to what Snapchat has been offering for a number of years, means that the moment a picture or video is opened on the recipient’s device, it magically disappears and self-destructs the moment it is closed .

Screenshots have been posted online showing how it works with WhatsApp and explaining that this option allows users to send photos and videos more privately. However, WhatsApp also warns users that while photos and videos can only be viewed once, there is nothing to prevent the recipient from taking a cheeky screenshot of what has been sent.

In a message displayed in the app, WhatsApp says, “If you enable this setting, recipients can only open your photo or video once before it disappears. Remember, they can still take screenshots before it’s gone.”

That means anyone who is thinking of sending something that might embarrass them in the future wants to be careful before hitting the message button.

With the thought of an image disappearing, it’s easy to see how users might be tempted to send more sensitive or explicit photos through the platform and this could be a problem if those can be saved by anyone who receives them.

Snapchat tackled this problem by immediately sending users an alert whenever a screenshot of their message was taken. However, it is currently unclear whether WhatsApp offers similar protection.

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According to WAbetainfo, this message destruction feature is still under development, but since it is now being rolled out to beta testers, it could be launched sooner rather than later.

This update is released because WhatsApp fans received another warning regarding the chat app, with some users promising to color the service pink.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a new color option for WhatsApp users. Instead, it is a scam that allows you to prevent full access to your smartphone.

By accessing everything stored on your device, hackers can steal contact information for friends and family members. So they can send them the link and redistribute WhatsApp Pink, copy photos and videos from your device, get credit card information and other personal information. and much more.

WhatsApp users have highlighted the new scam to draw attention to the trick currently being used by cyber crooks around the world.

Internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia highlighted the latest scam and posted on Twitter: “Beware of WhatsApp Pink! Virus is being spread in WhatsApp groups with an APK download link. Do not click any link called WhatsApp Pink. More complete Access to your phone will be lost. “

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