The primary Prada marketing campaign from the time of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons appears like a giant setback

Miuccia Prada announced Raf Simons as Co-Creative Director of Prada in 2020. The partnership has been a topic of conversation in our forums ever since. After the duo’s highly anticipated debut in Spring 2021 during Milan Fashion Week, the collection’s advertising campaign came to an end and we had questions that needed to be answered. After a flawless Holiday 2020 campaign by Steven Meisel, Miuccia and Raf don’t choose a well-known photographer this time. Instead, the couple rely on Ferdinando Verderi and a camera system to capture models like Isa Gustafsson and Dija Kallon from different angles.


According to our forum members, Prada’s latest version feels like a major setback. “NO! Why that after your vacation campaign?” Asked Kokobombon.

“That stinks of Raf … what a shame. After this holiday campaign, I had high hopes, ”repeated aracic.

HFBvrg definitely agreed: “I thought it was a joke or some kind of Instagram project … So disappointed after a wonderful holiday campaign …”

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“I would like to think that the holiday campaign was also a signal of change, but knowing Raf, I also had reservations. This campaign proves that you still can’t trust him, ”said Ken Doll Jenner.

“I’m already tired of Raf’s influence on Prada. As always, super pretentious and full of false intellectualism … “said Lola701.

YohjiAddict wasn’t challenged either. “Very stale, some nice shots, but for Prada it’s just so cold and sterile. Prada celebrates life, femininity and a certain joie de vivre. “

“It actually looks like a meme,” emphasized Nomar.


Check out the rest of the brand’s Spring 2021 campaign and join the ongoing debate here.

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