The primary ever electrical bike from BMW has a prime pace that may blow your thoughts

BMW unveiled an electric bike at the IAA Mobility in Munich. The new design called the i Vision AMBY doesn’t have much in common with most of the electric bikes you can find at your local store. The futuristic frame uses suspension components that you would expect from a high-end mountain bike. The rear wheel is held with a single arm instead of the usual two.

BMW has carefully hidden all the cables for the electronics and brakes, resulting in an incredibly clean look. The mammoth battery takes up a large part of the frame, but has a good reason for its gigantic size.

According to BMW, this chunky 2,000 Wh battery means you can travel 300 km between charges in the lowest power mode. Of course, if you decide to have a little more speed under your saddle, that enormous range will decrease.

When it comes to pure performance, the huge battery comes in handy too. BMW says an accompanying smartphone app will allow drivers to choose between the European road legal of 25 km / h (15.5 mph) speed limit, a speed pedelec mode that exceeds 45 km / h (28 mph), and one to choose a new top speed. Speed ​​pedelec mode that allows you to drive up to 60 km / h (37 mph).

Of course, you must either be on private property to take advantage of these jaw-dropping speeds or register the bike and get a special license plate to drive around on public roads at a speed setting other than the slowest.

During its presentation in Munich, BMW even suggested that a future update could allow GPS data to automatically switch between these modes – so your bike will be limited to the 25 km / h top speed of any electric bike sold in the UK, if You drive through the city into the city center, with speeds increasing as you turn onto a larger street.

It’s worth noting that the i Vision AMBY is not a disguised electric motorcycle. This is definitely a bike. Even at a top speed of 60 km / h, you still have to pedal. This is because the handlebars are off the gas, so you have to use the pedals to get up and maintain your speed.

BMW also fitted the handlebars with an integrated LED light bar to keep the road lit. Another LED is installed in the seat post so that you are clearly visible to other road users. Hydraulic disc brakes are supposed to help keep your speeds under control … even at the ridiculous highs possible on this monster bike.

There’s no word on pricing, but we expect the i Vision AMBY to be quite a hefty price tag when it launches.

Of course, BMW is also dependent on the change in the law relating to e-bikes. A spokesman for BMW made it clear with regard to the maximum possible top speed of 60 km / h in the highest performance level: “Since there are no legal framework conditions for such a vehicle with a modular speed concept, the AMBY Vision Vehicles have set themselves the goal of introducing it such legislation and consequent developments of this kind. “

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