The perfect celeb engagement rings of 2021 are all one in all a form

We’re not even in the middle of 2021 yet, but we’ve already seen our fair share of stunning celebrity engagement rings. Do these rings have one thing in common? They are all unique in their own way. Carter Reum’s Paris Hilton engagement ring features an emerald-cut diamond from 10 to 15 carats and retails for $ 1 million to $ 2.5 million. Hilton revealed that the emerald-cut diamond was designed by Atelier by Jean Dousset and the brand even named it “Paris” after her.

Of course, we had to include Dalton Gomez’s Ariana Grande engagement ring, even though it happened back in December 2020 because it deserves its moment to shine! Ari’s stunning engagement ring features an offset oval diamond that shares a thin band with a delicate pearl.

Other celebrities, like Tallulah Willis, went to great lengths to get their stones, which the actress said in her Instagram title: “Together we scoured the world. No stone went unchecked. After much deliberation, we decided on this extended Asher section from the 1910s a river bed.As soon as we had the stone, Karina and I went to town and after several revisions and emphasizing texts that it had to feel like it was a delicate finger of someone from Rivendell / Antiquity of others worldly extraterrestrial (Karina – thanks for I endure my nightly FaceTimes and manic sketches 🤦🏼) that’s the end result! “

Read on to take a look at the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings.

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