The OnePlus eight sequence will likely be outdated earlier than anticipated

OnePlus is expected to push the launch of its next line of smartphones. OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau has released a new “Moonshot” announcement that will take place next week, March 8th, 2021. There is no word on what exactly to expect from the display case. However, we’d be amazed if it didn’t have some details on its next flagship smartphone, commonly referred to as the OnePlus 9.

While OnePlus usually holds its flagship smartphone launches in April or May (OnePlus 8 was unveiled on April 14, 2020 while OnePlus 7 was first unveiled on May 14, 2019), it looks like the next handset might be earlier than never end up on the shelves before. That’s a pattern we’ve also seen from Samsung, which has slowly brought its first Galaxy Unpacked storefront of the year closer to the New Year’s Eve fireworks with each new Galaxy S announcement.

For those who bought a OnePlus 8 or the OnePlus 8T upgrade late last year, it means you’ve spent less time getting the latest and greatest OnePlus in your pocket, which will no doubt be a bit of a disappointment. For those who have pondered what OnePlus is doing next, this is amazingly exciting as you will have to wait less before upgrading your aging handset to something faster and shinier.

“Something new is on the horizon,” reads a teaser website tweeted by OnePlus manager Pete Lau. The slogan is associated with an image of the earth rising from the darkness of space. It looks almost identical to the photo “Earthrise” from the Apollo 8 mission.

This is probably not a coincidence. The recording “Earthrise” was made with a Hasselblad camera on the NASA mission. Some sources suggest that the renowned Swedish company is partnering with OnePlus to improve the camera technology on its next line of phones.

It is also possible that the photo indicates new zoom functions. Samsung and Huawei have both used high-resolution images of the moon to promote their ability to enlarge subjects far away without losing image quality. It is possible that OnePlus is trying a new twist on this formula with its inclusion of Earth.

In addition to improved cameras, we also expect the latest Qualcomm system on a chip that powers the so-called OnePlus 9, not to mention the 5G features and an updated design. Fast charging and high refresh rate displays are also a OnePlus staple. So don’t be surprised if they show up.

OnePlus is also believed to be working on a smartwatch to tackle Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch, for example. However, it is unknown if this will occur during the March 8th event teased by Pete Lau.

As expected We will prepare for the event with our popcorn and bring you the latest news as soon as it is announced. So stay tuned.

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