The one packing checklist you want in your cabin trip

One of the best parts of each season is the weather-related excursions planned around them – from beach vacations in the warmer months to snow-capped ski resorts in winter. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected our ability to travel in many ways, there are still some escape routes we can take advantage of this year. One of the options that many of us have taken advantage of is the cabin ride: a little change of scenery while spending most of the time outdoors.

While packing for a cabin trip may seem difficult (between the weather forecast and the activity plan), only a few key elements are required to ensure you are ready for a leisurely, relaxing vacation. From puffer vests to chunky boots to sweat kits, below are 12 cute cabin outfit ideas, each with a key item to add to your weekender bag. Depending on your agenda, you may need to add a few other items. However, if you use this list as a general starting point, you are pretty safe.

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