The one jewellery pattern that, in line with Nicole Richie, won’t ever exit of favor

House of Harlow in 1960 reintroduced costume jewelry and expanded its range of fine jewelry, so of course I had to ask Richie a few questions about this. “I don’t think hoop earrings will ever go out of style,” Richie told me when asked which jewelry trend will always be chic. “I made two pairs of tires in my collection. I think when they’re the perfect weight, tires can do so many things. I think they’re a perfect way to enhance your look. They go great with a suit. When.” You’re staying at home and only need one small thing that adds to the face framing. I don’t see them going out of style. You saw her in the 70s, 80s, 90s – all the time. “We definitely agree on that.

Scroll down to shop the jewelry trend Nicole Richie believes will never go out of style, hoop earrings, as well as other new items from her brand.

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