The one fragrance that issues if you wish to odor wealthy and undisturbed

Nobody asked, but here’s a fun fact about me: I’m reserved, perfumed. Splashing scents has always been an integral part of my beauty routine. In the early 2000s, iconic body sprays from Bath & Body Works (Sweet Pea, anyone?) And Victoria’s Secret (two words: Love Spell) came to my world. My goal back then? Smell as cool as Britney, Christina and the members of Destiny’s Child. My tastes have changed a lot over the past few decades, but to this day I still dedicate myself to the dozen of perfumes in my collection. My scent endgame now? Smell rich. And I’m talking about Oprah-level rich. Let me explain.

As a deeply resourceful person who regularly visualizes future versions of me, I often use moments of silence to let my mind conjure up images of every aspect of me down the line. What will i wear Where will I go on vacation? What will my body language be like? (A rotation of Balmain blazers in the Greek islands and relaxed, confident shoulders in case you’re wondering.) In summary, my future me is rich as hell. Someone who sunbathes on Lido decks and floats around their sprawling orchard on Saturday mornings. (Do you understand the Oprah reference now?) The scent that teleports me to that rich, undisturbed version of myself in just a few seconds? Frédéric Malles Portrait of a Lady ($ 255).

To be clear, Oprah has said she doesn’t even wear perfume, so those rumors that she smells like a rose bed on a warm spring day must be due to her natural pheromones. A goddess! But for us mortals who naturally don’t smell like a bouquet and still want to capture those great, wealthy vibrations, this is a scent you need to know about.

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