The most recent improve of WhatsApp has a excessive hidden price price for some Samsung Galaxy house owners

WhatsApp is working on a big change that could be both good and bad for Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 owners. According to the ever-reliable WABetainfo team, who are digging through upcoming releases and new features, the popular chat app will enable its billions of users to send premium quality videos through its platform.

Right now, whenever you want to send a fun video of your cat to a friend, WhatsApp crunches the file to make sending over the web easier and less memory-intensive. However, in the future, you may be able to send movies from your phone in the best possible quality.

A screenshot posted by WABetainfo shows the new setting with options such as Auto, Data Saver and Best Quality.

WhatsApp automatically recommends its users to select “Auto” which gives the best picture without large file size. However, tap on the “Best Quality” option and your contacts will be treated with the full, crisp movie that you captured on your phone.

This is great, of course, if you want your family to see a beautiful sunset that you just shot, but it could be a huge drag on your data usage.

Both the S20 and S21 are capable of capturing footage in glorious 8K quality, which offers resolution four times better than 4K and eight times better than standard HD.

It’s pretty incredible, but with all of these details packed into the picture, 8K consumes a tremendous amount of memory.

According to SamMobile, sending a two-minute 8K clip could chew through about 1.2GB of data.

If you do this too often, you might find that your cellular network is sending the dreaded SMS warning that your monthly data is running out and you will need to buy more.

Unless you have an unlimited SIM card in your phone, adding more internet access is never cheap, so Samsung users should check their WhatsApp settings when this upgrade is finally released.

It is unknown when this new feature for sending movies will launch, with WABetainfo currently saying it is currently in testing.

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