The most recent Home windows 10 replace ought to repair points … however it created much more chaos

On social media websites as well as on the Feedback Hub, Windows 10 users have reported issues with the latest update and stated that they received one of the three main error codes: 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984, or 0x800f0922.

One affected user wrote: “Every attempt to install this update has shown the above error. Run the standard DISM and SFC command and perform a basic Windows Update reset.”

While another wrote, “I am getting a consistent error installing KP5001330 with error code 0x800f0984. This happens on Surface Studio 2 and Pro 7. This is the second consecutive month that Microsoft has not performed the cumulative update on my computer could.” The installation pauses at 20 percent, then again at 73 percent (unlike 40 percent last month), then at 100 percent, and then fails. “

It has also been reported that the nightmarish temporary user error, where a new user profile appears once a computer has started after installing a cumulative update, has reoccurred.

One affected user reported the problem on the Windows-centric site, saying, “I have lost access to my computer since the update.

“It says” The User Profile Service failed to login. User profile cannot be loaded “.

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