The most recent Amazon Echo is an image body that may acknowledge your face

Amazon has unveiled its latest addition to the Echo range – the Amazon Echo Show 15. As the name suggests, the device has a 15.6-inch touchscreen display that can be mounted on or on a wall like a picture frame Counter can be placed portrait or landscape with the help of a stand.

Like Echo Show 5 and Show 8, the new gadget combines the hands-free assistant Alexa with a display to show additional information. For example, if you ask Alexa about the weather, you will get a response from the Echo Show 15 similar to what you can expect from the standard voice-only Echo – usually the next 24 hours or so – while the screen displays the forecast for a few days longer.

Echo Show 15 brings a slew of new twists to the Echo franchise. First, Alexa widgets provide interactive ways to control smart lights, adjust the heating in your home, collaborate on to-do lists, and much more. Alexa widgets are constantly updated to stay current, so you always have the latest information at a glance. Widgets can be rearranged on the home screen according to your needs.

Of course, widgets for calendar, recently played tracks and notes only make sense if the Echo Show 15 is able to find out who you are. And this is where the Echo Show 15’s next trick comes into play. Called Visual ID, this smart picture frame is the first Amazon-developed device with facial recognition, which enables the chatty AI Alexa to recognize you and personalize the on-screen information on Echo Show 15 when you enter the room.

When you sign up for Visual ID, Alexa automatically shows you a custom greeting every time you go before Show 15 and loads your personal reminders, calendar, favorite music, notes and any reminders made by other members of. all that is left for you is the budget. Thanks to Visual ID for Kids, Alexa can also be taught to recognize your children. This will ensure that the Echo Show 15 home screen only shows age-appropriate content when your child is recognized.

The front-facing camera that powers Visual ID can be used to make video calls from your Echo Show 15. The large 1080p touchscreen can be used as a kitchen TV so you can watch cooking shows or just enjoy a new box set while cooking. At launch, Alexa can download movies and TV shows from Prime Video, Netflix, and more. You will be able to watch TikTok videos on the big screen shortly, says Amazon.

As with all Amazon Echo devices, Alexa can play music from some of your favorite services – Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music HD – or read from an Audible audiobook. If you have both the audiobook and Kindle e-book versions of the same novel, Amazon syncs playback between the two, so when you switch between a Kindle and your Echo, you can pick up where you left off.

Echo Show 15 blends in seamlessly with your facility by displaying full-screen images from Amazon Photos or alternating images from pre-installed art, nature, seasonal or travel galleries. Mounted on the wall, Amazon says the Echo Show 15 is almost indistinguishable from a picture frame … except for the power cord that has to hang down under the frame.

“Today families juggle multiple competing priorities – when to take the kids to soccer practice, what to do for dinner, or when to schedule the next appointment – the list goes on and on. Alexa can help with Echo Show 15, “said Tom Taylor, Amazon Alexa senior vice president.

“Echo Show 15 brings everything that makes up your household in one place. With a redesigned home screen and Alexa widgets, you can customize Echo Show 15 to view your shared family calendar, manage to-do lists and reminders, find food inspiration, and keep track of your incoming packages. Plus, the Echo Show 15 can adapt to your home environment with full-screen photos or graphics, so it’s always there when you need it, but fades into the background when you don’t. “

Echo Show 15 will be available in the US for $ 249.99. UK pricing and release date are yet to be announced. If you want to support the Echo Show 15 with the worktop stands, you have to put them separately in your shopping cart.

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