The model new Sky Q field WITHOUT satellite tv for pc dish is being examined within the UK earlier than launch

Allegedly, Sky is testing its new Sky IP Box before it is launched in the UK (Image: GETTY • HEAVEN) This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on all sales we generate from it. Learn more

Sky originally announced in 2017 that it would be broadcasting its popular Sky Q service into living rooms without the need for a satellite dish. According to a tipster who spoke to, tests are already underway in the UK on the new dish-free service that uses a set-top box.

During the initial announcement, then-CEO Jeremy Darroch said that streaming the entire Sky Q experience over a fiber broadband connection would enable more than six million households across Europe, including two million in the UK alone who do or do not own want – a satellite dish to access the critically acclaimed service. But we didn’t hear about the satellite-free version of Sky Q for the next four years.

That changed earlier this month when Sky launched a new set-top box called the Sky Q IP Box in Germany. With a minimum broadband speed of 6 Mbps, viewers can access a number of the same terrestrial channels, on-demand box sets and streaming apps that can be found on the standard Sky Q box, which has a satellite dish and Wi -Fi connection used to bring live and catch-up services together in one menu. For comparison, Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbit / s to watch in high definition picture quality.

And now Sky seems to be preparing to roll out a similar service in the UK. Speaking to, our source claims that Sky is currently testing the new kit with a number of customers across the country. The feedback from the study will allow Sky to determine minimum speeds for broadband.

It is possible that the new set-top box called Sky IP will only be available to those with a Sky broadband connection, we have been told. This would give Sky greater control over the broadband speeds available to customers, such as whether they need to be connected to a full fiber infrastructure.

Sky Q over broadband No satellite dish update available soon

Pictures from the online shop of Sky Germany could reveal the design of the new set-top box (Image: HEAVEN)

In Germany, according to Sky, broadcasts over an Internet connection are only available in HD picture quality. This was confirmed earlier this month by Sky Deutschland Director Proposition & Product Max Ehrhardt. Sky Q offers a range of blockbuster films, sporting events and box sets in Ultra HD (4K), but these are not broadcast over a satellite signal. Instead, you need an active internet connection to your set-top box. It’s unclear why this isn’t currently available with the Sky Q IP Box in Germany, especially since Ehrhardt has confirmed that the hardware is powerful enough to support 4K streams.

According to our source, Sky Q plans to launch its satellite dish service with support for Ultra HD quality. The pixel-packed format costs an additional £ 5 per month, we were told. To watch in Ultra HD on Sky Q, you’ll have to spend an additional £ 11 per month, although this will also improve the picture quality of your Netflix subscription, allow you to watch on up to four devices at the same time, and bundle more channels together.

Not only do they save you the hassle of drilling holes in the side of your house to install a satellite dish, or asking your landlord to install a new communal dish in your block of flats (Sky Q requires an upgraded dish compared to the ones that were installed when Sky + HD was the only option) it could also save a bit of space. The new Sky IP Box is similar in size to the latest hardware from NOW (formerly NOW TV), it is said.

Sky Q will add 10,000 hours of new shows and movies as part of a new deal

Sky Q over broadband No satellite dish update available soon

The prices for the satellite-less box are comparable to the current set-top box (Image: SKY • EXPRESS-ZEITUNGEN)

In another departure from what we saw from Sky in Germany, our source tells us that the new Sky IP Box will include 1,000 hours of cloud recording. Viewers can use features like Series Link that were previously part of Sky Q and Sky + HD. In Germany, Sky appears to be pushing users to rely on catch-up services available on the set-top box rather than offering the option to record.

This “cloud recording” also enables Sky IP viewers to pause and rewind live television – which is also missing in the German counterpart.

In terms of pricing, don’t expect a dramatic difference between the satellite-less Sky Q and its uneven counterpart. We have been told that the contract terms will be the same, with viewers likely to pay £ 26 a month to access the full range of Sky TV channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky Documentaries and Sky Comedy. Popular paid channels like MTV, W, Comedy Central and others are also included. Sky Cinema and Sky Sports cost extra.

Sky Q over broadband No satellite dish update available soon

In addition to streaming and catch-up apps, the box coming to Great Britain could also contain “cloud recording” (Image: HEAVEN)

This, too, seems to be a significant deviation from what we have put on the market in Germany. Subscriptions for the satellite-free service start there from 12.50 euros per month and include the basic Sky Entertainment package. The minimum contract term is one year. You can then cancel your subscription with one month’s notice. Additional channels and options can be added for an additional monthly fee.

Just like the satellite-powered Sky Q box, which is already available in the UK, we’ve been told that the brand new Sky IP set-top box will include some of the biggest video-on-demand services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video , Disney +, YouTube, DAZN, YouTube Kids and Spotify. So it should offer a very similar experience. When searching for shows, films, actors and directors, results from the TV Guide, on-demand programs from Sky and all your existing subscriptions are displayed. This should prevent you from paying to rent a movie that is included in your Disney + subscription, for example.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when we can expect the Sky IP launch or Sky branding in the UK. Until then, those without a satellite dish are faced with the choice of either doing without Sky TV channels altogether or switching on via NOW (formerly NOW TV) to watch the same programs. While the latter includes access to most of your favorite box sets and live channels – from Sky Atlantic to Sky Sports Premier League – it doesn’t offer the same wealth of channels or features as Sky Q, including Series Link and Ultra HD.

Of course, it’s worth noting that while we’re pretty confident that the information from our source is accurate, nothing will be confirmed until there’s an announcement from Sky. The satellite TV provider has already made it clear that it plans to bypass the dish, however the UK could get a little closer to the limited set-top box we’ve seen in Germany than the product listed above, the one The display offers experience that can hardly be distinguished from the existing Sky Q-Box. contacted Sky for comment on this story.

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