The model new electrical bike guarantees “finest journey”, however the killer worth will not be round for lengthy

At first glance, Tenways’ latest electric bike seems too good to be true. The bike, which claims to be “the best urban bike ever,” offers a number of features normally only seen on models that are twice as expensive, including a carbon belt drive instead of an oily chain, a quick charge battery , hydraulic disc brakes, a companion app for iPhone and Android and an intelligent torque sensor.

First things first, let’s talk about price. The Tenways C-Go 600 costs £ 945. Well, something like that.

The only way to get your hands on the bike now is via a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t be rashly recommending a product that is only available through these campaigns as there is a long list of horror stories in which enthusiasts have promised money for a product that never arrived. Fortunately, it looks a little different.

Tenways does not use the campaign to raise funds to start building the amazing bike it has promised everyone. The C-Go 600 bike is already ready. In fact, publications like Electrek and The Next Web have already taken over and reviewed a finished unit. Tenways appears to be using IndieGogo to take pre-orders and generate interest in the bike.

Those who rush to support the company will benefit from a major price cut. As mentioned above, the Super Early Bird Price, which is still available at the time of writing, is £ 945. Once the limited number of slots at this price has been used up, you will need to raise £ 1,017 for the “early bird price”.

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But the cheapest way to pack this bike is with the Couple Pack, which contains two Tenways C-Go 600 models for £ 1,889, saving 50p per bike compared to the Super Early Bird Price. . The IndieGogo campaign will run until Friday, September 24, 2021. However, there are a small number of bikes available at each price. So if you are thinking about buying it, act sooner rather than later.

Unlike most IndieGogo campaigns that promise results for months and years into the future, Tenways has promised to start shipping bikes to its first customers in September. So you could be commuting on your new bike in a couple of weeks. It ships to the UK, the European Union, Canada and the United States of America.

OK so that’s the price and the unusual method of purchase … what about the bike itself?

Well, the first reviews are extremely positive. Napier Lopez writes on The Next Web and raves: “Tenways offers a sophisticated riding experience that surprised me for a new company that makes an affordable, lightweight e-bike. Hit a familiar logo on it and it could easily have sold $ 3,000. At under $ 1,500, it’s an absolute bargain. “

If you look at the data sheet, the Tenways C-Go 600 certainly seems ridiculously underpriced.

It hides the battery stylishly in the down tube of the frame, as you would otherwise find it on more expensive models – the battery remains visible on the cheapest bikes. Charging with Fats means you can charge the battery in under three hours, and Tenways claims you can travel up to 130 kilometers (80 km) on a single charge, which is roughly what we get from a £. would expect a 2,000 or so electric bike.

Tenways has attached an intelligent display to the handlebars that contains some statistics about your current journey and the battery level. The screen is certified to IP65, which means that it can withstand driving through pouring rain without any problems.

There are also puncture-proof tires, which we would expect as standard on a more expensive e-bike … In contrast to some models that require the driver to set the exact power level of the motor, the Tenways C-Go 600 uses an intelligent one Sensor in the crankset to find out how much power you are putting on the pedal.

If you have trouble pedaling, you are likely having trouble starting from a standing start or sweating up a hill – the engine will jump in and help you. If the pedals spin endlessly, you probably don’t need more momentum and the motor slows down.

Again, this is something we’ve seen on electric bikes that cost thousands more, like the Ampler Curt. If the smart system inside the Tenways C-Go 600 can keep up with the performance of its more expensive cousins, this is an amazing buy.

“We combine 20 years of bicycle expertise with the passionate idealism of young cyclists and founded Tenways in 2019. Dissatisfied with what the eBike industry routinely produces, we designed the CGO600 to make daily commuting as carbon free as it should be. ”Company says.

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