The Microsoft Groups replace will make your conferences extra interactive

Microsoft Team users will be able to try out the new Dynamic View option in the web conferencing service in a few months. There is currently no way in Teams to view shared content and meeting participants side by side. However, that changes with the inbound dynamic view feature announced last summer.

Dynamic View is an AI-powered feature that dynamically optimizes your view of shared content and meeting participants.

For example, with Dynamic View, meeting organizers can use the shared content as the focus of the screen, along with miniature videos for meeting participants.

Alternatively, specific meeting participants can be pinned next to this shared content so that their video feed is displayed in a larger box and they too play a prominent role.

This is useful when certain members of your team are presenting something in a meeting, such as: B. a report on which you would like to make an ongoing comment.

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When Microsoft announced the Dynamic View option in July, no release date was specified for the feature.

But OnMSFT According to reports, a post on LinkedIn reported that Dynamic View will be launched this March.

This was announced on the Employment Networks website by Remco de Kramer, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft.

While the Redmond-based tech giant issued a statement, too Windows Latest later confirmed the March release date for Dynamic View.

Microsoft said, “Currently, the presenter or attendee’s video while viewing shared content in Microsoft Teams meetings is small. Dynamic view shows content and video side by side [and it’s currently] will be released in March “.

In addition to the upcoming release of Dynamic View, Microsoft will also introduce a low data mode for Microsoft teams in early 2021.

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This inbound feature is intended for team users with poor connectivity or limited network coverage.

The new option allows team users to reduce their data usage by limiting the bandwidth used during a video call.

The low data option is expected to be introduced in March 2021.

Microsoft is also working on an out of office status for teams, while the long-demanded multi-user logins for the desktop app could finally be added to Teams in 2021.

In other news from Microsoft Teams, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently interviewed the Financial Times about his hopes for the future of the web conferencing service.

And Nadella presented an ambitious vision for teams, saying that teams are on track to become as important as a web browser or operating system.

The FT reported: “According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Teams is on the way to becoming a digital platform that is as important as the Internet browser or a computer operating system.”

Nadella also said he hopes Teams will expand its user base beyond office workers to frontline workers in sectors such as retail and healthcare.

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