The largest indication but that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will comply with Apple with a controversial change

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to be unveiled next month, and there seems to be a very controversial change that was first seen on the iPhone 12. For those who haven’t followed all of the latest smartphone news, Apple decided in October it would make sense to toss the charger out of the iPhone’s packaging. Yes, you read that right. If you buy a new iPhone for $ 800, you have to buy a plug now too.

The reason for this dramatic update is to help reduce e-waste and make packaging smaller, which means less of an impact on the planet when shipping devices around the world. Apple believes that most people already have drawers full of chargers. So why add more when many don’t need them?

When the US tech company first announced its decision, Samsung pretty quickly mocked its arch rival on social media with a post on Facebook that said, “Your #Galaxy gives you what you’re looking for. From the most basic as a charger for the best camera, battery, performance, storage, and even the best 120 Hz smartphone screen. “

Now it seems like Samsung is tracking back with 9to5google and reporting that the social media campaign has been deleted and this could suggest that Galaxy owners may soon find a box with no plugs.

There are already a multitude of reports suggesting that the Korean tech company will ditch the charger on its new S21, which means knocking on Apple isn’t exactly the best idea.

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The latest rumor about the charger came through the GSMArena, which stated that the trio of Galaxy S21 devices had been certified for sale in Brazil prior to its January 2021 release.

The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra have been approved by Anatel, the Brazilian regulatory body.

And the certification for the S21 devices shows that they do not come with a supplied charger or headphones. However, a USB cable is expected to be included.

Fortunately, when consumers get their hands on the S21, it doesn’t take long to figure out exactly what will and won’t be included.

With a January launch likely – some experts predict the unpacked will take place on the 14th – we could find out the full specs in a few weeks.

Other rumors about the S21 include a new design with a camera bump built into the case, a faster processor, and longer battery life.

We also expect the usual lineup of phones to be featured, including a standard S21 and an S21 Ultra, which may have support for S-Pen pens. It is unclear whether Samsung will follow the S20 and launch a 4G model or whether all variants are now 5G-capable. will be keeping a close watch on Samsung over the coming days and will bring you official news on the S21 as soon as we hear more.

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