The Largest 90s Vogue Tendencies To Put on Right now


There’s a reason everyone is still wearing trends and fads that date back to the 90s history. From preppy, Cher Horowitz-esque checks to baggy high-waisted jeans, there are some pretty iconic looks from the decade that we still incorporate into our wardrobes. Our modern approach, of course, means that we either try reworked silhouettes from designers who are also inspired by the 90s, or that we adorn our outfits with a touch of 70s, 80s or 00s mixed bag aesthetics.

That’s why we picked out 30 specific looks that definitely have 90s roots, but break down the best styling methods right now. That can mean that you are looking for a retro item that you do not yet own (OG sports sneakers with a recognizable brand logo? Pedal pushers that are lower than Bermuda shorts but not quite as long as Capri pants? The perfect denim jacket to tie around your waist?) We’re sure you don’t mind creating a new list of must-haves.

See how stylish people around the world continue to proudly wear tie-dye, cargos, biker shorts, fanny packs, tiny sunglasses, platforms, tube tops, tracksuits, briefs, and more, and don’t forget to keep them hacks in your back pocket Your overalls.

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