The Jewellery Glossary Challenge

Why is this project so important?

When purchasing a gemstone from ethical sources, you can be confident that no harm has been done in the procurement and extraction of that stone. And another customer’s impression of this label could be completely different.

The same goes for sustainability, conflict-free diamonds, and many other terms that buyers assume have universal meanings. The truth, however, is that jewelers and manufacturers can assign any meaning to these claims as there are no agreed definitions. The Jewelry Glossary Project is a big step in removing some of that darkness and creating a more transparent, accountable, and unified jewelry world.

This is so important to us: Consumers can rest assured that they know what claims actually mean and that they are buying items that match their personal ethos. That’s why we work with gem dealers who take responsible and ethical sourcing seriously.

One of our trusted gem dealers is Jared Holstein – founding member (and author) of the Jewelry Glossary Project. We have a whole blog with JaredHere we chat about the social and environmental aspects of gem mining, why it loves antique stones, and why recycled post-consumer diamonds are the most environmentally friendly choice.

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