The holy grail product that saved my chapped lips

While I’m trying to do all of this, especially when it comes to staying hydrated, sometimes when my lips are dry and chapped, I need a little extra help. Then I turn to my lip scrubs. Instead of trying to peel off the dead, flaky skin with your fingers (I know, gross), these scrubs are a gentler, safer option for smoothing out your lips.

It also helps that many of the scrubs are filled with moisturizing ingredients so your lips don’t stay completely peeled off and dry. I usually apply my favorite lip balm after the scrub to moisturize and really lock in that softness. When my lips are really dry (like the winter season) I tend to apply a lip scrub once or twice a week depending on how my skin feels.

Have I already sold you a lip scrub? If your chapped lips need some assistance, check out some of my and other editors’ favorite options below.

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