The Google replace proves why your Android telephone nonetheless has an enormous flaw


It’s no secret that Android has had a problem for a long time when it comes to updating its users to the latest version of this popular operating system. And despite years of optimizations and promises from Google, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The latest statistics published by Google and discovered by Android Police suggest that the outdated Android 10 software – which was launched back in September 2019 – is currently installed on more devices than Android 11.

Currently, around 26 percent of users worldwide have Android 10 installed on their phones, compared with 24 percent Android 11. This means that more people are using devices with an operating system that was launched in 2019 compared to the version of Android 11, introduced by Google last year. And it’s even worse for Android 12, which launched a few months ago with some noticeable new features, a redesigned look, and other additions.

If you thought installing Android 10 on a phone was bad, wait until you hear how many people are using Android 9 and Android 8.

According to the graphic, a whopping 18.2 percent of all Android devices have 9 Pie installed and over 13 percent are still using 8 Oreo.

This is a big problem as using older operating systems can leave devices vulnerable to attack from online hacks and other serious security issues.

One of the problems for Android is that very few phones like the Pixel run a pure version of this Google-based software. This means that after the release of its new update, Google will have to be adjusted by the manufacturers and tested by cellular networks, which can take months.

In fact, some may not see the latest version of Android until a full year after Google first announced it. When your phone is ready to get an Android upgrade, don’t hesitate as making sure things are fully updated to keep bugs or nasty threats from targeting your device.

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