The Gem Breakfast Customized Jewellery Design Course of: All Your Questions Answered

  • In order to ensure adequate insurance coverage, the full value of your item will be shown on the service records.
  • Gem Breakfast cannot determine what customs duties will apply. Please review your local obligations before ordering and consider these charges when setting your budget.

Step 8: engraving

To make your piece even more special, consider engraving! We work with an incredibly talented local artisan who engraves by hand. The fee is $ 10 per character. We recommend no more than 10 to 15 characters, especially if you plan to dimension the ring in the future.

Our engraving costs can be a little higher than other jewelers. Most traditional engravings are done with lasers, which is cheaper and requires fewer skilled workers. We prefer the timeless look and quality of hand engraving and it is important to us to work with a local artisan.

For local customers, we recommend engraving your pieces after they have been dimensioned or received. We recommend that you determine the size first, if possible, as changing the size may damage or remove the engraving.

What UK customers say about the custom process

“Cat helped turn my ring dreams into reality. From the moment I contacted her to the delivery (and beyond) of my ring, she was great at communication, very real and cute. She is so talented and brings a lot of great information and ideas to create a unique piece for you! Hands down the best jewelry experience ever. “

“Catherine gave everything with our special ring. She has been extremely generous with customizations and the expedited delivery. She walked me through the process and I am so happy to have had her care and thoughtfulness. Everything went perfectly. “

“The process was open, simple, transparent and we had fun!”

“Love, love, LOVE my new Gem Breakfast Ring! Catherine implemented my vision perfectly and delivered it in record time. “

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