The Galaxy S21 information that many followers have been terrified of appears to be true

Samsung finally opened the lid of its new Galaxy S21 smartphone this afternoon, and while the device has received some pretty substantial upgrades, fans are now facing a major disappointment. Rumors have been around for months that the Korean tech company planned to remove the AKG-branded charging plug and bundled headphones from the Galaxy S21’s packaging. And now we know this is really the case when Samsung confirms that its final flagship doesn’t come with a Power Brick or wired music maker.

In a message sent to, Samsung confirmed: “Samsung is working on a global shift in the removal of the charging connector and headphones from Galaxy smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 and other Galaxy smartphones will continue to contain a cable in the packaging to connect the smartphone to the consumer’s existing charging plug. “

Of course, Samsung isn’t the only company making that decision, as Apple removed the connector from its iPhone 12 last year.

The US firm said it made the decision because most customers already had a number of these plugs tucked away in drawers in their homes. The company hoped to stop putting toxic landfills on our planet.

By taking the charger out of the box, Apple was able to make the box smaller, which reduces shipping by allowing you to pack more phones into a single shipping container. That said, if you have to ship containers of individually wrapped headphones and £ 20 charging plugs to the same customers around the world, the impact on the planet can be negotiable.

Unlike Apple, Samsung uses the industry-standard USB-C connector to charge its smartphones. As such, the decision to remove the plug from the box is likely to have less of an impact on customers, as they can use a range of other chargers and plugs from across the region – including those that come with the latest Google Nest smart speakers , Nintendo Switch, GoPro cameras, laptops and more.

However, Samsung might find it more difficult to sell this decision to customers if other Android manufacturers don’t follow suit and continue to offer charging plugs and headphones in the box at no additional cost.

Numerous smartphone manufacturers are citing how much better their chargers are with each new device and offering ever faster ways to top up the phone. Oppo recently unveiled its next generation of plugs that allow super-fast refills, and OnePlus has long had its Warp charger that comes with the phone.

Now, if you want to charge the S21’s battery at the fastest possible rate, you need to take a trip to a Samsung store to purchase a separate charger.

Fortunately, those who pre-order an S21 or S20 Ultra will receive a new pair of wireless earbuds as part of an early bird promotion.

S21 owners get last year’s Galaxy Buds Live, while Ultra buyers get the new Buds Pro, which includes improved active noise cancellation.

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