The following Samsung Galaxy Watch was uncovered earlier than its launch date

Samsung is often advised to launch a new Galaxy Watch model called the Galaxy Watch 4 this August. The next-generation model will be the first since Samsung confirmed plans to ditch its bespoke TizenOS and switch to the Wear OS developed by Google. The latter, which is based on Android, will enable Samsung-branded wearables to work seamlessly with smartphones from a variety of manufacturers.

The move could also trigger an influx of new applications for the form factor as third-party developers no longer have to build new software from scratch for Wear OS and TizenOS gadgets. A single app works with Motorola, Fitbit, Google and Samsung smartwatches.

But while there is a lot to be excited about about the software of the upcoming Galaxy Watch, little was known about the hardware. Until now it has been like that.

Yes, the latest leak has given the best look at the yet to be announced hardware. According to the source speaking to Android Headlines, the model shown in the leaked images will be branded as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. As the name suggests, this smartwatch will feature a design that goes back to analog watches.

The Watch 4 Classic retains the rotating bezel that has become one of the most important calling cards in the Galaxy Watch range. This allows you to scroll through menus and notifications without getting greasy fingerprints on the touchscreen – which is very handy.

When navigating around Wear OS, two large buttons on the right side of the watch help, which also help make it look more like a conventional watch.

The accompanying report, which first appeared on the Samsung-centric SamMobile blog, claims that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be available in three sizes: 42mm, 44mm, and 46mm. All three sizes are available in stainless steel or aluminum. The latter will probably be the cheaper option.

As always, any standard 20mm watch strap works with the design so you can breathe new life into whatever old straps you have.

Nothing is known about the prices yet, but we expect the Galaxy Watch 4 to reach the same price as its predecessor.

That means you can get your hands on a smartwatch for around £ 349, with optional 4G connectivity and bigger screen sizes adding to the cost. With the Galaxy Watch 3, the 45mm 4G compatible model hit around £ 409, so hopefully prices won’t rise above that cap again this time around.

Samsung is expected to hold its next unpacked hardware event on August 11, 2021. will be in the crowd as always – either virtual or physical, depending on the latest guidelines – bringing you the latest news and opinions on the go.

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