The Finest EE SIM Offers – Get huge quantities of knowledge for one low value with these epic offers


If your current EE smartphone bill makes you wince, it may be time to check out a SIM-only plan. These deals are always significantly cheaper than a normal smartphone contract, as the monthly fee only includes data, minutes and SMS and nothing for the mobile phone itself.

As long as you have your current iPhone or Android device, using SIM-only is a great way to save money, and EE currently has some tempting deals that include lots of data for a very reasonable price. Here is our pick of the best EE SIM only offers

Best EE-SIM – big data on a small budget
£ 20 per month – 24 month plan • SEE THE OFFER HERE
DATA: 150 GB per month
CALLS: Unlimited
TEXTS: Unlimited

If you want a lot of data for one low price, EE currently has a SIM card that costs just £ 20 per month but has a whopping 150GB of data per month. That’s enough to download 37 Full HD films or stream over 140 hours of content on Netflix or Disney +

This SIM card also includes unlimited calls and SMS and is fully compatible with the latest 5G data speeds, so you can transfer files to your phone at speeds over 300Mbps.

If you run out during the month, all users of EE can now stay connected until their monthly data refreshes.

This service only offers speeds of 0.5Mbps, so you won’t be able to stream or download files, but it’s fast enough to check Google Maps and send messages over WhatsApp.

Best EE SIM – more data and an added bonus
£ 28 per month – 24 month plan • SEE THE OFFER HERE
DATA: 200 GB per month
CALLS: Unlimited
TEXTS: Unlimited
EXTRAS: 1 Smart advantage

150GB not quite enough? Don’t panic, EE also has 200GB of 5G monthly data for £ 28 a month. In addition to the extra 50 GB you can bite through each month, this plan also includes a Smart Benefit.

With these bolt-ons you can add services such as Apple Arcade, Apple Music, BT Sport or data roaming abroad at no additional cost. You can even shorten and change your smart benefits all year round using the EE app.

Other extras on this SIM card include EE’s Stay Connected Guarantee, family data sharing, and unlimited calls and SMS.

Best EE SIM – Get the ultimate bundle
£ 41 per month – 24 month plan • SEE THE OFFER HERE
DATA: Unlimited
CALLS: Unlimited
TEXTS: Unlimited
EXTRAS: 3 smart advantages

Anyone who likes to pay a little more every month can use the ultimate SIM card from EE. This package comes with a completely unlimited plan with everything you need for data, calls and SMS. That means you can stream all day without worrying about your internet access suddenly stalling.

This SIM also contains three of these feature-rich Smart Benefits from EE.

As with all of EE’s other SIM offerings, the company’s unlimited plan includes full access to these 5G data speeds and you can share your data with other members of your family as long as they are linked to your account.


EE is one of the UK’s best known networks and has won multiple awards for its speed and reliability.

The company is also leading the way with the latest 5G technology and is hoping 50 percent of the UK will have access to this lightning-fast service by 2023.

The company also recently topped up its 4G network, with more coastal areas now getting a much better signal.


5G is the next generation of cellular network to be rolled out across the UK. This new technology enables anyone with a 5G-capable smartphone such as the iPhone 13 or the Galaxy S21 to access the Internet at speeds of over 300 Mbit / s if there is no fixed line broadband available.

At that speed, you could download a full HD movie in about three minutes.

Not only is it faster, but it also allows more devices to connect faster at the same time, meaning your speeds shouldn’t stop at busy train stations or crowded soccer stadiums.

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