The entire March 2021 entrance pages we cherished and hated

Spring hasn’t exactly come yet, but our favorite gloss colors are ready to usher in a new season. The big spring fashion problems have declined with varying degrees of success. There is a lot of fashion and luckily a lot of variety on the covers from March 2021.

Jennifer Lopez serves up an awesome face (and hair) to Allure. Priyanka Chopra poses for ELLE UK Harper’s Bazaar and has selected Megan Thee Stallion to star on a cover. And Vogue Japan is giving us several models again.

Another common theme? Prada. Gigi Hadid has the Italian brand on the cover of American Vogue. Vogue Japan decorated each of their models in the fashion house. Prada’s iconic logo was also spotted on Vogue Korea and Vogue China.

In the slideshow above you can find all of the covers we loved and loathed in March 2021.

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