The dream cellular phone would have a “drunk textual content filter” and an unbreakable display, analysis outcomes present

More than a quarter would like their phone to automatically search their photos and delete duplicates, and half would appreciate a universal caller ID.

Other phone destinations include a social media lock that activates after scrolling too much, and the ability to “donate” leftover data to charity.

And more than a quarter would like their cell phone to be able to refuse price increases for telephone contracts.

But the research commissioned by Tesco Mobile found that only 39 percent currently own their “dream phone”.

71 percent found price to be the biggest barrier to the ultimate phone, while 16 percent claim it is contractually bound.

It also found that two-thirds of adults “couldn’t live without their cell phones,” and on average, people spend 55 minutes a week on the phone.

Rachel Swift of Tesco Mobile said, “It’s amazing considering how much phones have changed over the years and what they are capable of now.

“So it’s fun to hear what people want from their phone in the future and, most importantly, what their dream phone looks like today.

“The introduction of Clubcard prices at Tesco Mobile means that a dream phone is no longer out of reach.”


  1. Tell you who is calling – even if you don’t know the number
  2. An unbreakable screen
  3. Charge wirelessly from anywhere
  4. Allows you to get cheaper things like grocery shopping
  5. Automatically reject price increases for telephone contracts
  6. Automatically sort images to delete duplicates
  7. Give away any leftover data to a charity of your choice
  8. Have a “drunk text” filter – so you can’t send drunk messages
  9. Block access to social media if you’ve scrolled too long
  10. Get FaceTime with someone celebrity
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