The design of the Google Pixel smartwatch is leaking … and is anticipated to be borrowed from each Samsung and Apple

Rumors of a Google-designed smartwatch are nothing new. Ever since Samsung and Apple launched smartwatches for their best-selling smartphone lines, people have wondered if Google will follow suit on the same playbook. And thanks to Jon Prosser, who created the popular YouTube show FrontPageTech and was a reliable source of leaks regarding Google’s upcoming products, we’ve now taken a closer look at the long-rumored Pixel Watch.

Sources within Google have given Prosser some new details about the so-called Pixel Watch, which has commissioned some high-resolution renderings based on the information. These new images show a smartwatch with a circular display, flexible rubber strap, and a physical crown for interacting with elements on the screen.

Google reportedly created a bezel-less display to minimize the overall size of the device on your wrist. Google already has a fitness tracking app, Google Fit, and we can be pretty sure the Pixel Watch includes some level of step, calorie, or heart rate tracking.

Interestingly, the Pixel Watch seems to be borrowing from both market-leading smartwatches – the Samsung Galaxy Watch series and the Apple Watch. While Apple developed the crown – a staple for analog watches – as a pioneer for interacting with a smartwatch. This solves the problem of smearing fingerprints on the touchscreen (making it difficult to see the time) and endless swipes on the small display. However, it is Samsung that has firmly adhered to a round design – like a traditional watch.

While a number of competitors have gathered to copy the rounded square shape of the best-selling Apple Watch (e.g. Fitbit), Samsung has stuck to its circular design. And now Google is expected to join its ranks as well. According to Prosser, Google is planning a release date for its Pixel Watch in October. That would make sense. After all, in October, in addition to the Chromebook and new Google Nest gadgets, Google will regularly present the latest entry in its flagship Pixel smartphone series.

You can check out the full report with exclusive renders in the latest edition of FrontPageTech below.

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